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We are the best and biggest social network for fresh graduates and college students with 500,000 active users from all over the world.  FresHires is the world’s first socio-academic, socio-professional, self-branding and networking platform for all college students and recent graduates.

Why Join The FresHires Network?

FresHires is the ultimate community for young job seekers. Students and graduates can interact, connect and develop relationships that matter. The FresHires network also includes mentors, counselors, educators, life coaches, career coaches, recruiters and companies that can provide young job seekers with invaluable advice that will help them on their road to career success.


Meet Fresh Graduates and College Students From All Over The World

FresHires is here to change the career development game once and for all. Combining everything from self-branding and networking to mentoring and career guidance to job search and job match into one streamlined platform, FresHires is paving the way to the future for job seekers around the world.

Largest Network Of Awesome Students, Graduates, and Professionals 

Our network of mentors, counselors, educators, life coaches, career coaches, recruiters and companies utilize our dedicated chat rooms to host personal, private interactions with our students and graduates, both in groups and one-on-one. Students and graduates can also create customized chat rooms on academic topics or events happening on their campuses and in their communities.